By Knude Society Team

A complete list of our 30 erogenous zones

So when things are about to get hot ‘n’ heavy in the bedroom we normally know exactly the areas we want our partner/s to hit. But did you know we actually have around 30 erogenous zones? That’s right, 30!

And yep, we’re going to list them all here for you, so next time you’re getting down to it, you can try and hit somewhere new…

First things first, what is an erogenous zone?

An erogenous zone is anywhere on your body that gets you feeling the good stuff (gives a sexual response) when it’s touched. We all have generally the same zones, but like everything great in life, we have our own preferences for just how we like it touched, kissed, or bitten.

So let’s dive in a see what deliciousness awaits.

What are my 30 erogenous zones?

1. Lips: Did you know that your lips have 100x more nerve ending than your finger tips? It’s no wonder this classic zone is one we love to come back to again and again. Next time try experimenting with pressure, or taking your partner’s bottom lip between your teeth. Switch things up to bring new heat.

2. Neck: We get shivers just thinking about someone kissing there. Try adding in bites or enforcing a no-kissing on the lips rules to experiment with how your neck can get things heated.

3. Ears: For dirty talk or for biting — you decide! Not only can the ears be missed off the menu, but with the amount of nerve ending there try timing some ear action in tandem with an orgasm build to make it truly spectacular.

4. Scalp: Ever go to the hairdressers and think the best part is having your hair washed? Us too. If you love that feeling, a gentle scalp massage can be sensual and relaxing. Or if you’re up for it, hair pulling can be a way of creating and releasing a lot of feelings.

5. Collarbone: Keep the kisses light and airy, and see how wild you can drive a partner.

6. Shoulders: Now, who doesn’t love a massage? Shoulders and massage go together like Rosie and Jim. Or maybe some other less creepy dolls. Massage is also a great way to build intimacy every day.

7. Arms: Your elbow crease, your inner wrist… Build up the tension before you get to the bedroom with some not-so-innocent exploration of your partner’s arms.

8. Fingers: Your fingertips are the most sensitive part of your body, apart from your genitalia. And your palms aren’t far behind either. Take your partner’s fingers into your mouth… one by one…

9. Areola and nipples: OK, so this one isn’t a surprise. But did you know that when your nipples and areola are being caressed it lights up the same areas in your brain as well your genitalia are being touched? Explore what turns you on — different pressures, temperatures (ice play anyone?), and pain and pleasure can all go hand in hand here.

10. Navel and lower stomach: For some, this area has us running screaming for the hills. For others, it’s that feeling of being so close yet so far away from what we really want them to touch that turns us on. Like your nipples, temperature play here can be a great shout.

11. Waist: A fleeting caress of your waist, brushing past can drive you crazy. This intimate touch can start outside of the bedroom too, building that anticipation for what’s coming next.

12. Labia minora: we tend to go straight for the money-maker — the clit. But your labia minora, or your inner lips, are extremely sensitive too. When aroused, they become hot and swollen, and even more sensitive to touch. Play, nibble, caress. Do everything BUT touch the clitoris. Just remember to lube up to keep the sensations gliding along.

13. Bum: One word: spanking. This can cover everything from a gentle tap to something more hot and heavy. Play with pressure and speed, along with a soothing massage afterwards.

14. The perineum: Everyone has one, but many of us don’t know where it is or even that it’s a spot that could potentially drive you wild. The perinium is the little bit of skin between your genitals and your anus. It’s home to the pudendal nerve, who’s primary job is to carry sensations back and forth down there, but who’s secondary purpose could be to drive you wild. Especially if you lick, bite, or massage it!

14. Inner wrists: OK, it’s not the 1800, but some teasing play on your wrists outside of the bedroom…? Be still our beating heart! Try fleeting and gentle caresses to start building tension. Or, if you’re both into it, try something stronger before the cuffs go on (if you make it that far).

Speaking of handcuffs, it’s not only the inability to touch your partner that can drive you wild. But the sensations of different materials on a very sensitive area of skin too!

15. The anus: This can be a decisive topic. And that’s totally ok. If you know you’re not into butt stuff, then you know. But, if you are curious did you know that according to a recent survey 94% of women who have engaged in anal sex recently orgasmed? Well if they’re not stats to tantalise and turn you on, then we don’t know what will!

If you’re trying it for the first time, take it slow. We also recommend taking a bath to help you relax. Start off with gentle and teasing exploration before heading on to anything bigger.

16. The clitoris: OK, we buried it down here for a reason. Because whilst we love our clitoris being stroked, tapped, licked, gently bitten, massaged… And we really do, we often head straight for the clitoris without much thought of anything else. That being said, go to TOWN! The clitoris — as far as we know — is only on our bodies for pleasure.

But be playful with it — try focussing on the clitoris in short bursts. Building the heat, but not letting it simmer over. Getting close to the edge (funnily enough called edging) can be one of the hottest experiences imaginable!

17. Feet: One of the hottest body areas for some. But for others… It can give the ick. But if you’re ambivalent towards them, give it a go! A massage starting off as innocent can lead to something more!

18. Ankles: Some call these the neck of the feet (no, they don’t). But your ankles, including the Achilles tendon are surprisingly sensitive. Try trailing concentric circles around to turn the dial up high.

19. Breasts: Sometimes when the nipples get some action, the breasts can be left on the sidelines — don’t let that happen! Explore going off the nipple trail to the rest of the breast, we promise you won’t regret it.

20. G-spot: For some of you out there, the G-spot is the highway to an explosive orgasm. For others, while it feels nice, it’s not necessarily the good stuff. The G-spot can vary from person to person, but generally it’s at the “front” of your vagina. If you were to do a “come hither” movement with your finger, it’d reach it. It’s also actually part of your clitoral nerve ending network. Not separate!

Take time exploring the area and what feels good. As we mentioned for some, it’s a case of hitting one single spot. For others, it’s more of an area that feels fantastic to stroke and touch.

21. A-spot: Like the G-spot, but about 2 inches higher in the deepest point of the anterior wall of your vagina. Like the G-spot, there’s some who love it, some who don’t. But it can be stimulated during vaginal and anal penetration. Try giving it a go yourself with some deep masturbation to see if you enjoy the stimulation.

22. Cervix: We’re fairly certain we just heard a record scratch somewhere. But yes as strange as it sounds, your cervix might just be a secret erogenous zone for you. To enjoy, we recommend being highly aroused beforehand, and testing out deep penetration positions carefully.

23. Just above your bum: You know that little bit juuuuust about your bum crease? Yeah, right there. We find that some light finger work there can drive you absolutely wild.

24. Palms: We use our hands for everything, but rarely take a moment to really appreciate them! Kissing, licking, or gently massaging the palms can be highly erotic — tracing small circles especially.

25. Armpits: They’re probably not top of mind when it comes to a new erogenous zone exploration. Especially if you’re ticklish. But not only are we programmed to get turned on by smell — but the skin there is very sensitive. First try going lightly up and down, before going for a brisk circular motion. Surprise elements can be seductive!

26. Inner thigh: This is especially good for kissing everywhere BUT the place where you’re most desperate for them to put their mouth. Alternate between light kisses and small nips, or even try temperature play with ice here for something different.

27. Back: Speaking of temperature play, the back can be the best place to try this out for the first time. Try using body-safe candles to drip and massage wax into the skin. Be sure to check in with your partner that the temperature is still good for them.

28. Behind the knees: There’s a reason “weak at the knees” is an expression! Let’s make “weak at the knees” great again! Tongues, fingertips, or toys can all bring on that delicious weakness.

29. Thigh crease: A zone for the men in your life! If you’re giving a blow job, explore the crease of his thigh. Bite, lick, kiss, caress — anything goes in this crease when it comes to divine sensations.

30. Your brain: OK, so technically a zone you can’t touch. But the brain — especially for women — is our largest erogenous zone.

Work, life, money, etc… It can all get in the way of your brain being tickled in just the right way to get you in the mood. So dedicate time and space to it! Whether that’s with your partner, or by yourself. Focusing on being in the moment can make a huge difference.

PHEW! 30, we’re finally there! We’d recommend picking 2-3 new ones to give a go per session, to figure out if they’re for you. BUT if you want to explore all 30 at once? We’re not going to stop you…