Sex toys and sustainability.

Not something you thought would go hand in hand, hey? 

But sustainability is core to Knude Society. We're by no means perfect just yet, but our aim is to make everything we create, buy, or sell as a brand as sustainable as possible. Whether that’s the vibrator you’ve just popped in the basket, or the tissue paper that comes in your delivery. 

So you can vibe with yourself (or a partner) absolutely 100% guilt-free. 

How we're working to be sustainable:

  • Small runs of products.

    We don't do big runs of our products, ensuring that we don't create waste if the demand isn't there. It does mean that we'll sometimes run out of stock — but we'd prefer a waitlist to an extra piece of rubbish.

  • Using local producers.

    Wherever possible, we source our raw materials from suppliers in the UK. It's not totally possible at present to produce and manufacture all of our products in the UK, but we're hoping to get there soon.

  • Recyclable packaging.

    All of our packaging is either made from recycled material and/or is 100% recyclable. That includes all of our postage packaging too — even the plastic bags are biodegradable. No rubbish bin in sight!