ShapeKnude Society’sfuture

When we say we’re a society, we mean it. We want you to help shape what’s to come. To help us build a company that you’re proud to buy from.

Here you’ll find different topics and areas that we want to hear your thoughts on. No data apart from your answers is taken, and you’ll always stay anonymous.

  • The nitty gritty about sex toys

    Here we’re getting granular about the sex toys you buy, and how important their bits and pieces are. Is it the colour? The feel? Tell us everything.

    Estimated time to complete: less than 5 minutes

  • General get to know

    This survey is a bit of a catch-all. You’ll give us the low down on your previous vibrator-buying experience, and your thoughts on the sex toy industry.

    Estimated time to complete: 5 - 10 minutes