• Self & More (UK)

    Self & More are an independent retailer who are here for “unapologetic pleasure”. With amazing content and help with buying the right products for you, we’re proud to have Gwen and Glide stocked there.

  • Period Shop (USA)

    Over in the US of A? The Period Shop has you covered for all of your Knude Society needs if you can’t order from us direct in the UK. They’re on a mission to help you make the right choices for your body and your periods.

  • Bonjibon (Canada)

    With a toy selection, education, and more passion than you can drizzle maple syrup over, if you’re in Canada you can get your hands on Knude Society in Bonjibon. On a mission to help the True North embrace their sexual wellness.

  • Pelvic Relief (UK)

    Another independent retailer in the UK we’re proud to partner with. Pelvic Relief are a small British company who are passionate about pelvic health. Led by science, they offer the best products to help a range of conditions.

  • Apples and Pears (UK)

    Small, independent, with a great range of sexual wellness products. Apple and Pears are part of the new wave of companies in the UK changing what the sexual wellness landscape looks like.

  • Blossom Boutique (Canada)

    Blossom is a love shop and not a sex shop! They’re helping French-Canadians open up, discover, and become at one with themselves and their sexuality.

  • Oppop Shop (Finland)

    A Finnish lifestyle e-commerce brand with categories ranging from home decor to sexual wellness. They encourage people to be conscious with their hedonism even in bleak times with beautiful, sustainable products.

  • Blush (France)

    Oooh lala mon cherie! Our friends in France believe in Expertise • Bienveillance • Sans Tabou. A great foundation for any sexual wellness in our opinion.