By Knude Society Team

6 reasons why you should use lube during sex & masturbation

For some reason, lube use during sex and masturbation has gotten a bad rep. It's seen as something you have to use when you're older, or if you're not 'wet enough', or because something is wrong with you.

This is despite the fact that vagina owners of any age can experience vaginal dryness — and it can be because of a range of reasons. From stress to hormonal changes, and even medication. It's not unusual to experience at any time in your life.

So here are 6 reasons why you should be introducing lube more to your sex life!

1) It can make sex more pleasurable

A study by an Indiana University found that 70% of women reported higher pleasure during sex when using lube. With some reporting higher rates of orgasm too. I don't know about you, but that's enough for me to give it a go.

2) Sometimes your vagina doesn't get the memo

Our vaginas are wonderful things. But they're sometimes playing catch up, or you might not produce enough natural lubrication by yourself. And that's ok! It's one of the reasons we have lube in the first place.

3) Lube can help you have safe sex

Lube helps prevent friction, which in turn results in less condom-breakages. So not only do you avoid any unwanted pregnancies, but also STIs.

4) Lube can add new sensations

Especially when used with a vibrator! Lube isn't something that should only be used with a partner — you can also use it for those alone-sessions too. Try it next time with your vibrator or sex toy, I guarantee you won't be sorry.

With a partner it also adds a new dynamic to oral and finger stimulation. Lube isn't just for use in and around the vagina opening. It can also be used on your clitoris, anus, and as a massage oil if you're really feeling it!

5) It can prevent tearing

We've all been there — really into it in the moment, thinking everything is all good. And then that post-sex wee brings the sting and cringe at the small tear. But lube can help prevent all of that!

6) You can keep going for longer

Chafing and dryness can be tricky when you're in the midst of a hazy long-lasting feel good session. But with lube you can switch positions, try something new, and generally just have a fantastic time for longer!

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