• Explore

    Your full self; your sexual self, your embodied self, your vulnerable self. The parts of you that emerge as you discover your pleasure potential.

  • Learn

    the language of you; holistic sex education takes a mind-body approach to sex. Supporting you to understand how to integrate your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual self into your sexuality so you can enjoy a fulfilling and sustainable sex life.

  • Feel

    empowered; embodiment tools help you to cultivate emotional awareness and the skills to move through triggers and blocks. Supporting you to develop self-awareness and compassion and the capacity for self-expression.


  • We’re pleased to offer our very first course, Building Somatic Safety. This course gives you a foundation to build your sexual wellness from.

    In this course, Emily will take you through:

    • What is a somatic approach to sexuality work and why it’s important we start here
    • Somatic education: Learning how to spot nervous system dysregulation by exploring the physiological response states
    • Somatic tools to support body/mind connection to help you to develop safety, self-compassion and confidence

    Building Somatic Safety


    One time

    ✓ Unlimited lifetime access

  • Our Female Pleasure Anatomy workshop is for everyone who has a vulva or shares pleasure with women a people with vulvas

    In this course, Emily will take you through:

    • An extensive overview of female pleasure anatomy, including touch techniques for self-pleasure or partnered sex
    • Support for you to develop confidence and communication skills for self-advocacy in sex
    • A fully self-paced workshop, that you can keep coming back to in order to practise or re-immerse yourself in

    Female Pleasure Anatomy


    One time

    ✓ Unlimited lifetime access

Free resources

As well as the courses, here you’ll find free resources that’ll help develop your sexual wellness journey. From meditations to massages techniques. Keep checking back to see what we have to offer. Or sign up and get the low-down on all things Pleasure Hub straight away.

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Mediation guide: Pelvic embodiment

This guided practice focuses on bringing relaxation to the pelvis. Helping build connection, relieve pain and tension, and increase arousal.

Take me to the meditation ➡️

Mini workshop: Breast massage

In this mini workshop, we go through breast massage and connection to your breasts. Helping to increase arousal and bodily understanding.

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About Emily

Emily King is a somatic sex therapist and educator who works with women and couples.

Her approach merges somatic sexology, intimacy education and embodied processing.

Emily has a background in global mental health, criminal justice, gender-based violence and sexuality work. She works creatively to infuse her work within the traditional gender based violence sector with a holistic approach, seeking to address the root cause of peoples’ complex needs.

She offers an authentic, radically pleasure-focused take on sexual wellness, inviting you to engage in a hands-on exploration of your identity and body to help you feel liberated.

See more of her work: www.emilykingsextherapist.org and @emilykingtherapy