By Kathryn King // Bloody Honest

Period sex: top tips

Period sex. It really is the taboo of all taboos. But it can be a welcome mood booster in what may otherwise be a pretty shit few days. Plus, let’s not forget that orgasms can help relieve period pains (no, I’m not kidding, that isn’t just a myth!). 

I’m not here to tell you what type of sex you should or shouldn’t be having, and if period sex isn’t your jam, that’s absolutely fine. Instead, what I am here to do is give you some tips on having safe, enjoyable, mess-reduced sex if you do want to have some fun while the painters are in (if you know what I mean).

Talk about it

Like any kind of sex, it’s not a good idea to just dive into it without any prior discussion. You might be interested in giving it a try if you haven’t already, but your partner might have some reservations - or vise versa. Have a chat about whether it’s something you’d both be comfortable exploring.

Do it mess-free

Or… as mess-free as you can at least. If you’re open to the idea but not keen on the thought of your bed looking like something out of a horror film, I have a few tips within a tip for you:

  1. Put a towel down. You can put it straight in the wash after and if it’s a dark colour you can’t even see the blood.

  2. Keep wipes close-by for an efficient clean-up - and so you don’t have to ruin the post-O bliss with a swift waddle to the bathroom.

  3. Have sex in the shower. This is just practical, you’re washing as you go!

  4. Consider using a menstrual disc. Menstrual discs are similar to menstrual cups except you can wear them during penetrative sex! 

Removing stains

If you get blood on your bedding or towel, the number one thing you need to remember is to go for COLD water. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but trust me, hot or warm water will only set a blood stain even more. If it’s only a small stain, a cool wash in the machine will probably do the trick. If it’s pretty sacrificial in there, soak in cold water and salt before washing. Works like a charm!

Don’t forget about contraception

Some people seem to think that when you’re on your period, you don’t need contraception. I cannot stress enough how false that is. Not only can you absolutely get pregnant from period sex, you’re also still at risk of transmitting and contracting STIs. You’re actually even more likely to transmit an infection that’s carried in the blood such as HIV or HPV - so if anything, barrier contraception such as condoms and dental dams are even more important. 

Try something different

Don’t forget that vaginal penetrative sex isn’t the only sex there is. Why not take this opportunity to have some other kinds of fun. You can enjoy external stimulation, oral sex and anal sex all while keeping a tampon or menstrual cup in; so totally mess-free. It could be the perfect time to get a toy involved too. Try playing around with some grinding with a vibrator between you (Gwen, I’m looking at you) - again, no need to remove your tampon or cup!

If this has got you fired up and raring to go then all that’s left to say is, go forth and have a bloody wonderful time! If you’re still a little cautious about it, don’t put any pressure on yourself. You’re no less of a sex-positive badass if period sex just isn’t for you. Plus, if you do ever decide to try parting the red sea, my finest tips will always be here waiting for you!