Pelvic embodiment meditation

This guided practice focuses on bringing relaxation to the pelvis.

Relaxation techniques support healthy muscle functioning and are a brilliant way to establish a strong connection with your pelvis and pelvic muscles. It can help with pelvic pain, tension and arousal. Emotions and anxiety are normal if you aren’t used to relaxation, you just need to give your nervous system some time to become familiar with stillness.

Before we begin, please:

  • Take a moment to create a warm, cosy space for yourself.
  • Let’s begin standing to map out the pelvis before we move to meditation. Rest one hand on the front of your pelvis, finding your pubic bone under your pubic mound, and another hand on the back, over the sacrum, pointing down towards your tailbone.
  • Invite curiosity through touch here, exploring the bony structure of your pelvis that protects your pelvic muscles and reproductive system.
  • Follow this structure the full way around your body, visualising it.