Reclaiming real pleasure

Reclaim real pleasure

We're a women-led sexual wellness company with one mission: to help everyone enjoy their body in a way that feels right for them.

We're here to reclaim what real pleasure looks like, for all bodies and sexual orientations. We’re not here to promise you the best sex of your life, instead we promise to help you build a lasting and fulfilling relationship with your body.

Our values


Whether that’s talking about sex (the good and the bad) or our company (what we're happy with and what we want to do better). 


We do everything in our power to ensure to be inclusive to everyone. We're always learning, so please help us if we get it wrong!


Sex is meant to be fun! We want pleasure to be part of everything that we do for you — from our products down to our emails. 

Our story

Whenever I've bought a sex toy, I’ve always felt the same thing: boredom and disappointment. The exact opposite of what you’re meant to be feeling at that time.

There’s only one kind of woman modelling, the selection of toys is overwhelming, and the buying experience made me feel like I stepped out of a seedy shop down some alleyway. And not in a fun way.

They sell a version of sex that I’d never experienced. A version that says 'buy these bright pink dildos and you'll have the wildest, hottest sex of your life'. A version that makes you feel inadequate for even thinking about purchasing a toy. 

That's why I founded Knude Society. To explore and talk about sex in open, honest, and healthy ways. And to help everyone truly enjoy the wonder that their bodies can give them.

Reclaim real pleasure with us!

Emma Brown, CEO

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