By Knude Society Team

5 tips to build a happy relationship with your vagina

Knock knock, it's 2022 calling and saying we all need to have a better relationship with our vaginas. As according to Refinery29 research over 48% of respondents weren't happy with the appearance of their vulva.

OK, so vagina is a bit of a misnomer. Here we're talking about the whole shebang — the clitoris, vulva, labia minora and labia majora, and vagina. But for the purpose of this article we'll use the catch all term "vagina". 

Still, the whole lot of it needs some tender love and care — but most of all YOU deserve to have a fulfilling relationship with your vagina too. 

1. Get a mirror down there and say hello

Our pubic area is the one place on our bodies we rarely look at. Whether you're looking for the first time, or it's been a while, whip out that hand-held mirror and get better acquainted! It'll help you create a bond with your body in a way that we do with every other part we look at. 

Protip: take a look after a shower or bath so you're more relaxed. Prop yourself up with some pillows and get exploring. 

2. Know your labels

A worrying 37% of people surveyed wrongly identified the clitoris, whilst only 46% of people surveyed correctly asserted that there are three "holes" down below

Spine-shuddering stuff. 

In the UK we definitely shy away from properly calling our genitalia by their names. So take a refresher on what exactly all the bits and pieces are and what they're called. 

Not only can it help you take control of your health and wellbeing when it comes to seeing medical professionals. But when it comes to building a better relationship with your vagina, you're able to know exactly which part may need some extra love and care. 

3. Look at other vaginas!

Labiaplasties are on the rise, with it being the 15th most popular plastic surgery in 2019.

We're already bombarded with unrealistic body images, so it's important that we see what real vaginas looks like. Truth is, our labias, clitorises, and vaginas all look different and vary wildly. That's the beauty of the human body!

We'd suggest checking out All Vulvas Are Beautiful to see a collection of wonderful genitalia! 

4. Be honest about what makes it happy

Let 2022 be the year you let go of doing things that doesn't bring your vagina happiness. 

Whether that's stopping/starting waxing or asking a partner to try something new because you read about it. Both you and your vagina deserve to be happy. 

Explore, try new things, retry old favourites, or just sit and stare at it in a mirror because it's so damn beautiful. Do whatever feels right for you to make your vagina happy!

5. See a doctor

We've already covered that knowing your labels can help you take care of your vagina. But only 1 in 5 working women book a smear test when invited to

Our vaginas are connected to our health in so many ways. It's vital that we're not afraid or embarrassed to take our concerns to healthcare professionals.