By Emily King

6 reasons why Gwen is perfect for frenulum play

Let’s play a game. Close your eyes. What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘penile orgasm’? I’m going to go ahead and assume that you are currently visualising a good old fashioned wank. A wank that starts at a slow pace, but after a minute or two speeds up.

The up-and-down hand motion becomes so frenzied that your visual starts to blur. After 5-10 minutes the movement comes to an end with the arrival of the much anticipated ejaculation. Now, what comes to mind when you hear the words ‘frenulum orgasm’? No thoughts, brain empty? Let me change that.

Now, if I were to ask you the same question but with ‘vaginal orgasm’ and ‘clitoral orgasm’ there probably wouldn’t be as much difficulty. Depending on what genitals you have, your sexual preferences and experience, what comes to mind may vary. Yet generally speaking there is an increasing awareness of the variety of sensation and pleasure which can be experienced through the vulva. Sensation which can result in orgasms that can be categorised as clitoral or vaginal, among others.  

The clitoris contains more than 10,000 nerve endings and is rightly honoured as being the hot spot for vulva pleasure. What’s the hot spot for penile pleasure? …the penis? Let’s get more specific. 

The penis and the clitoris have a lot in common. It takes around 7 weeks for sex organs to develop on a fetus, so when we’re in the uterus we all start with the same bits. The internal clitoris and penis are strikingly similar, even visually. They both have a crura, spongious body, glans and cavernous body. 

The mighty power of the clitoris can be used as a source of inspiration rather than envy for those with penises, thanks to the frenulum

What is the Frenulum?

The frenulum is a band of skin that connects the foreskin to the glans of the penis. Despite its small size it is the most sensitive part of the penis, also making it the most sexually responsive. Size really doesn’t matter. Both the frenulum and the clitoris contain Pacinian receptors which notice pressure changes and vibrations in the skin. This means that the frenulum is a perfect match for clitorial toys, like Gwen

6 Tips for Frenulum Play with Gwen

1. Patience is a Virtue 

If it is your first time dedicating all of your attention to the frenulum, be patient. It requires more tender, soft touch than the surrounding parts do. If you have formed a habit of continuously resorting to fast stimulation then the sensitivity may take getting used to. Starting slow without expectation will help you to be open to noticing your response, as well as where you feel resistance to trying something new. 

2. Just Keep Breathing

Gwen is made of super-soft silicone and works best with the support of water based lube. Apply very generously to the head of the penis, slowly circling your thumb over the frenulum to gauge what pressure is best. Deep breaths will help you to maintain a gentle pace as you get warmed up.

3. Curves in All the Right Places

Get familiar with Gwen’s 10 vibration settings. Start with the lowest option and stroke the curved back along the frenulum. If this feels good then hold the toy firmly against the frenulum and increase the vibration. 

4. Experiment with Sensation

Gwen fits perfectly into the palm of your hand. Take breaks from direct frenulum stimulation and use it to stroke the shaft with one hand, while the other taps lightly on the glans to change sensation. 

5. Just the Tip

Gwen’s pointed tip is incredible for replicating the sensation of a firm tongue. Tongues are notoriously skilled at reaching smaller hotspots, and now you can do this yourself! Tiny up and down motions paired with circles will quickly build intensity. If you feel yourself reaching climax, you can pull this back to play with edging to make these sensations even stronger. Tease the frenulum by gently hovering the tip over it, brushing it against it for a second at a time, then pulling it back. 

6. Get Creative

Celebrate yourself for getting out of your comfort zone and comfort wank. Habit doesn’t exactly foster desire, so it is important to inject whatever creativity you can into solo-play. It is play after all.

If you’ve ever wished you had a clitoris so you could understand what all the fuss was about, now you can. Gorgeous, gorgeous Gwen will blow your mind.