By Knude Society Team

Beginner's guide to buying a vibrator

Buying a vibrator? First time? You've come to the right guide.

Rampant rabbits, love eggs, internal vibrators, external vibrators, g-spot vibrators, wands, bullets, dildos…How the heck do you even begin when you're buying your first vibrator or sex toy?


1) What is it you actually like?

When buying your first vibrator or sex toy, it's best to keep things simple. That's not to say you can get a vibrator with all the bells and whistles later. But to start with, think about what you actually enjoy when it comes to sex and masturbation.

Is it clitoral stimulation? Do you like your g spot (if you have one) being massaged? Do you like penetration, but only by smaller and thinner objects?

Remember, only 25% of vagina owners orgasm consistently through vaginal intercourse or masturbation. So don't think you have to get a dildo or vibrator that's for penetration if that's not what gets you going.

When it comes to choosing a vibrator, it's for your pleasure! So have a think about what that means for you.


2) How're you going to use it?

Is this a solo adventure, or will you be using it with a partner? Is it solely for your pleasure, or something to get you both off? There's lots of toys that do one or the other, or both.

A bullet or palm held external vibrator for example can be used both alone and together. It gives you and your partner lots of options. Whether that's mutual masturbation, extra stimulation during penetration, or good ol' fashioned voyeurism.


3) Its technical bits 

Aside from its vibration modes and speeds or size, there's a few other things to consider.

Is the material body safe? Silicone is the best material out there for vibrators and sex toys. It's super soft, body safe, non porous, and easy to clean. Exactly why all of our toys here at Knude Society are made out of it. Generally though, you want to steer clear of toys that have jelly-like feel to them — they're porous and will hold bacteria. Which is exactly the opposite of what you want to put in or on your genitals.

Is it rechargeable? There's nothing worse than running out of juice as the climax is about to happen. Plus it saves you from scrambling around in that weird battery drawer everyone has trying to find a battery that isn't spent.

Is it waterproof? You might not think that's particularly important to you, but we guarantee you that you'll be eyeing up that alone time in the bath wishing that your new best friend could take a dip. Personal experience aside.


4) What's your price range?

You don't have to spend a fortune to be happy with your first vibrator. Take your time to read the descriptions — and don't get distracted by all the flash. Sometimes it's worth spending a little extra of your money (such as if it's made from better body-safe material), but sometimes it isn't.

Just so you know, here at Knude Society, we price all of our vibrators ethically and fairly. Giving you the best price possible, but ensuring we're able to pay anyone in our supply chain a fair price for their work too.


5) Don't sweat it if your first vibrator doesn't blow your mind

They're not a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of deal. OK, so sometimes they are. But the opposite is also true.

You can take a while to relax into using it, or figuring out what speeds and settings work for you. As most vagina-owning people can attest to, it takes time! From personal experience, it wasn't until I bought my third vibrator that I really found something I enjoyed.


So there you have it, a small but hopefully helpful guide to you buying your first vibrator or sex toy! At the end of the day, you don't know until you try. And let's face it — the trying it out is the fun part!